“Raffaella and her team has shined so much light into my life, through intuitive guidance sessions, energy healing sessions, and email channeling sessions. I was and still am so amazed by how Raffaella connects with me and my team, and delivers messages that hit me at a soul level...so much so that it sparked a desire for me to be more connected to my own personal Divine team. I had no idea how to start, so I started asking questions BUT then, I saw that Raffaella offered a Mentorship...talk about synchronicity! I’ve already received so much from her and it felt like a perfect fit to have her mentor me in nurturing my ability to channel.

What I received from this mentorship with Raffaella and team, was much more than I expected! During our sessions, as I am learning to further develop my gifts, the energy in these sessions are that of safety, encouragement, love, trust, confidence, and connection. I remember coming out of my most recent session feeling a newfound trust & confidence in myself, in my voice, and in the messages I feel inspired to share with others. This mentorship is not only about nurturing your gifts, but nurturing the love and trust for yourself. You will learn that your team is working with YOU, choosing YOU to spread the work, the message, the gifts YOU desire to share...because you are the only one who will allow what comes out of your mouth, out of your being, and into your reality.

Thank you, Raffaella and teams (yours & mine) for believing in me and pushing me to a place of discomfort and excitement, and yielding a connection I never thought existed. I highly recommend this program with Raffaella, her experience is spoken for if you’ve worked with her or if you have read her other testimonials, her guidance is loving and encouraging, and her teaching style, while there is structure, it is a very organic learning experience for you to step into your own.

If you have a desire to further your gifts for personal or professional reasons, this mentoring program is truly the best gift you can give to yourself and to the world.
— Reihna Maile Tsui, Spiritual Life Coach
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