Channeled Messages for the Collective


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2020 is going to be here before we know it, but instead of rushing ahead to prep for upcoming holidays and the new year, let’s be here, right here, right now, present with all the magic that is unfolding for us.

I felt called to share my channeling with you all this week, many of you I have had the pleasure of connecting with 1:1, but I know there’s many of you who have not. My hope is to be able to make the universe’s guidance more accessible for when we are not able to connect one on one.

So, I pulled FOUR cards from my Sacred Rebels Oracle deck and had you all pick the one that you intuitively felt is the guidance for you. Many of you commented on THIS POST, so in case you can’t remember which one you chose, check back there to see!

If you didn’t select a card yet, do so now! Take a breath and take note of which card you feel most drawn to!

If you didn’t select a card yet, do so now! Take a breath and take note of which card you feel most drawn to!



Okay, a lil’ about my channeling for the collective process and what that means. When I pull cards for big groups of people, I ask that everyone who is meant to receive a message find their way to it and that the messages I channel apply and resonate with anyone that selects each card. There are different ways to channel messages, in this case I was guided to channel through automatic writing, which is a process we all can learn to do! It can be hand written or typed, I prefer typing because it’s faster, but I get myself into a meditative state, clear myself energetically and then close my eyes as I type and let my Divine Team take over! Since I call in many different higher beings, there may be different vibe and personality to each card’s messages!

Since I type out my invocation when I do this, I figured why not share so you can feel into what I’m calling in.

Hello dear angels, higher beings, family, ancestors, spirit animals, gods, goddesses, source, star beings of the cosmos and ascended masters. I thank you for being with me in every moment of every day and in every breath I take. I love you all dearly and thank you for bestowing this honor on me, to do this work and to be here as a channel of light and a messenger of universal truth and wisdom. I can feel your light and your love already and I am so very excited to have all those who are meant to receive your guidance, to receive it today, through your words channeled through my hands. I allow you to take over at this time to provide messages for the collective that will help them on their journey of growth, expansion, ascension, enlightenment, and fulfillment, any messages that draw them closer to the light and power that they are, the divinity within them, I wish to relay from you whatever it is that is needed for them at this time. I trust fully and wholeheartedly that the words expressed on this page encompass all that is meant for those that read it. At this time I pass it off to you. I love you. I thank you . I honor you.
— Channeling Invocation




Oh wise ones, that which you are, is so very wise. All of you, each and every one of you holds such magnificent wisdom, if only you could feel in every moment how special you are. As we move ahead in the coming days, weeks and months, we ask that you slow down. Slow down when you can, learn to treasure the quiet moments with yourself, where you let go of what you feel needs to be done or what is more important, listening to yourself, hearing the voice of your soul and your mind, is equally important, and it is only by slowing down that we do so. There is no right or wrong way of doing so, but we gently ask that you take time to hear yourself and all of us, we are always by your side and when pushing or rushing or taking action isn’t working, just listen, because we are right here. Close your eyes, take a few breaths and just receive the downloads. You need not hear or see anything, just know you are being given what you need always. Sometimes it comes in a special sign later in the day or in your dreams. Regardless the truth of what you truly need is always being sent your way. There are signs everywhere and when you slow down and call us in we are able to guide you more and connect with you in every moment of every day. Remember you are never alone. Take time to feel into that truth.



Silence the judgement of those that are different than you. Each and every one of you are different, uniquely beautiful and intelligent and gifted beings, all in your own way. Silence from the judgement that there is anything wrong with being different. You are divinely perfect. Go against the grain, if something isn’t working, try a different approach, if someone if your life does not understand your methods or your perceptions, that doesn’t mean you must listen, kindly explain to them that this is your choice and you ask that they respect that. You do not need anybodies permission to be who you are and do what you are called to do. Those that love you, if they don’t already, will learn to respect you, so remember: Do things your way, try something different, your world and the way you function in it is unique to you, no need to follow a model. Take what resonates with you and what feels true to you and let everything else go. Always be open to the flow of life and allow for it to take you where you need. If there are people in your life that believe your ideas are too big, unrealistic or naive, please trust yourself and continue on your path, this is an opportunity to love yourself more and trust yourself more, take that risk, invest that money, break that lease, end that relationship, launch that service, wear that dress, speak your truth, book that trip, whatever it may be, know you have the key to what you need within you always and you are always supported. Continue flowing, remember we’re here to support you, we see you, we love you. Keep flowing.



Inspiration! It’s everywhere. In the flower you spot as you walk down the street. In the food that you eat, in the candle that you burn. With every single step you take, there is inspiration all around. You may draw inspiration and guidance from all things. Everything can speak to you, if you pause, observe and notice what something is saying to you. This may sound silly, but what’s wrong with silly? It’s okay to feel silly. Give it a try. In these coming months it will serve you to practice being in tune with your surroundings as there is so much wisdom to be gained from this. For example, if you have a flower in a vase in your home, look at it and ask yourself “what can this flower teach me?”. You can do this with anything. This is a practice to become your own channel, so that next time you feel like life isn’t going your way you can view the situation as a lesson and hear the guidance for yourself. Just give it a shot. If we were to ask a child the same question they probably wouldn’t second guess it and would know what to say, so can you! Tap into your imagination and the spirit in all things. We’re always speaking to you.



Oh, how exciting!! You’re going to surprise yourself again! We smile and laugh when we hear someone say or feel, “Who am I?!” in total amazement and disbelief of the beauty, power and splendor in within them! Does it surprise you how gifted, beautiful and special you are? That’s okay if it does, don’t question it though, enjoy the feeling in the coming months of, “I GOT THIS!”. We just feel so much expansion and transformation for those that felt drawn to this card. Don’t second guess it, you deserve it and enjoy this feeling. You’ve worked hard, experienced so much, enjoy this newfound spark within you. Dance around your home and celebrate yourself! All your ducks do NOT need to be in a row for you to celebrate yourself and your life. This is a time of CELEBRATION!!! Many blessings to all of you!!

Well there you go! I hope that the messages you received were helpful and that you take the love and support from each word with you throughout this next season of life! Comment below if you want to share how this resonates with you!

As always, it’s an honor to be the messenger and connect with all of you. Sending so much love your way!

~ Raffaella