YES! I’m moving downtown!

Sessions & trainings will take place in Little Italy starting Wednesday, August 28th!

Over the summer I was guided by my Divine Team to look for a new sacred space for my work. After a long search, I have finally found the one! As always, the manifestation of this office was filled with so many lessons, synchronicities, and emotions that I feel called to share with you.

From when I first created On Route 44 and started publicly sharing my work, I have learned a great deal from my involvement in collective settings. These experiences have been beautiful, fun, fulfilling, transformative and deeply healing. I’ve been inspired by the many lightworkers I’ve worked alongside. I have been given the opportunity to face so many fears in supportive environments, where I felt accepted and honestly like I wasn’t crazy. At the same time, I’ve learned some of my hardest lessons from these experiences. I’ve questioned myself, my gifts, who I am, my worth. I’m guilty of being overly aware of the opinion and sentiments of others and taking it on as my truth. In the past, this has been debilitating for me, but I’ve come to understand that it is meant to be a gift. Is it still hard at times to feel so deeply and to sample and experience others as if it’s me? Yes! But, it isn’t something I’m shying away from, quite the opposite. I am here to reflect the health of the community, to allow others to see themselves. For me to do so in a way that serves ALL, it’s time for me to create a space where I can see myself clearly too. It is time to honor myself, by creating a sanctuary for me to shine my light fully, a place to focus, create and most importantly heal alongside you!  I’m turning the page to a new chapter, one where I can be a clearer mirror than ever before and bring to life the work that I’ve been preparing for all my life (lives).

Like a true Reflector, it took me a full moon cycle to make a decision (if you know Human Design, you’ll know what I mean). I had to make my way through Mercury Retrograde, eclipses and Cancer season, we all know times were hard, but it was all worth it! I truly sampled every option, from building a healing van to doing sessions in nature, to finding a new home with an office space, and which one was the winner? The one I had an inkling of wanting on day 1 (of course). From the get-go, I wanted to be in Little Italy. I wasn’t consciously sure why, so I explored all the other options. Until a WEEK AGO, when my guides told me to reach back out to a real estate agent I talked to well over a month ago. I told them, “if an office opens up in Little Italy please let me know” and the next day they let me know that one had. This is when the synchronicities come in, the view from the office is a mural with a massive eagle and the American flag. The eagle is always sign from my father, and the spirit of an eagle heralds new beginnings and soaring to new heights. The American flag represents freedom and I heard my guides joke and say, “You’re an Italian-American healer in Little Italy with an American Flag as your view, what more could you ask for?”. Yes, Spirit has a sense of humor. I now see that Little Italy is the perfect community for me. It connects me with my ancestry; the culture and environment I was raised in. It feels like home. 

I hope that when you come in for a session, you feel at home in this new space. Thank you for the bottom of my heart for letting me share myself and my work with you. Thank you for reading this. I’m so excited for this new beginning and I hope to see you soon!

Feel free to comment below with any questions about the move!

Office Location: 1510 Front Street, Ste 210, San Diego, CA 92101 (2nd Floor)