Intuitive Channel Energy Healer Spiritual Teacher Photographer

From a young age Raffaella used her intuitive and empathic nature to help others. She was born into a close-knit Italian family in the city of Philadelphia. At the age of 15, she lost her father, which led to her battle with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. After 7 years of grieving, she reached a point where she had lost all faith in life. Then suddenly she was divinely guided to learn about the after-life and understand the meaning behind her loss. As she began to reconnect with her intuition she experienced a series of “chance” encounters with mediums, psychics, shamans and energy healers that further expanded her awareness. These new relationships led her to discover her own healing abilities when she began to receive messages from her father and stranger’s loved ones in spirit, while also becoming increasingly sensitive to the energy of those around her.

With the support of other healers, she focused on developing her connection to the Other Side. Soon after she opened up her healing practice and now offers Spiritual Direction and Energy Healing to clients in San Diego and all over the world. Raffaella created On Route 44 with the intention of connecting people with their intuition and helping them understand their own gifts. She inspires others to raise their vibration, heal from their past and live in alignment with their purpose. 

Through it all, Raffaella remains committed to learning and growing every day and it is her greatest passion to support others in their journey.