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Let your soul be your compass


hi, i'm raffaella!

From a young age I have used my intuitive and empathic nature to bring joy, advice and healing to others. At the age of 15, I lost my father, which led to a battle with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Through my healing journey, my abilities as an intuitive healer and open channel awakened and I now share my gifts with other’s. In session I channel guidance from your Divine Team (angels, guides, spirit animals, loved ones) and provide energy healing as a certified Reiki Master. Clients walk away feeling supported and optimistic, with specific tools for how to move forward in their life.

Reiki with Raffaella is like none other because of one key element - HER! Her energy is warm, safe, and confident- she provides a unique and powerful healing experience.
— Glory

Guiding others to embrace their purpose through mindful living

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